Fry Bread Recipe

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Blue Bird Flour is the flour used by the people of the Navajo Nation for making fry bread.We lived on the Navajo reservation for 5 years and that is where I meet my husband. His mother taught me how to make fry bread, and the most important ingredient is Blue Bird Flour. The Navajo people won’t use anything else. If you want traditional Native Fry bread then you have to have Blue Bird!
Navajo Fry Bread recipe:
4 cups Blue Bird Flour
1 teaspoon salt
2 Table spoon baking powder
1-2 cups very warm water
Mix the first 3 ingredient. Now here is the trick to making fry bread. You have to add just enough of the the warm water to make a dough, not to sticky not to dry. Mix with your hand as you add the water. Kneed until smooth. Cover and let rest while you heat the oil.
Here is another thing that is the traditional way to make fry bread. You must use Lard. You can use Vegetable oil but its just not the same. Lard is best. Heat until smoking, yes smoking.
Now take a egg size piece of dough and roll it out until about the size of a donut. Then pick it up and pat it between your hands, stretching as you go. The idea here is to get it pretty thin. Like a very thin pizza dough. Now put it into the grease be careful it’s HOT!
Let cook until brown on the first side. If your lard is hot enough that should be very quick, like flash frying. Flip and let cook on other side. Drain on paper towels.
Now you can eat it like the Navajo do with just a little salt sprinkled on.
You can put on honey(yummy) or top it with beans, cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion and have a Navajo Taco. Also wonderful used as the bun for a hamburger, here in NM its called a Navajo burger.
Also wonderful with a grilled green chillies and thin sliced mutton or steak.
Now I am just making myself hungry, Enjoy!


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